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We are a Graphic Art industry with the capacity to provide printing services at the best quality in the shortest time and at reasonable prices; to get this we have a multidisciplinary team with excellent knowledge in their respective sectors, and “State-of-the-art” technology in order to satisfy the requirements of our customers.

We belong to a group of leading companies in their respective areas.

Our Vision:

Be a company leader in the graphics sector, providing differentiated and high quality services, focused on exceeding the needs of customers, through a high level of management, extremely competitive employees, and an updated technology with emphasis on social responsibility.

Our Mission:

In Mercurio S.A., we are oriented to provide an excellence graphic service that contributes to the success of our clients, combining technology, suppliers and efficient management, focused on professional development and quality of life of our employees, committed to preserving the environment and sustainable support to the social environment.

Our Values:

  • Excellence: we are continuously improving the quality of management in all our activities.
  • Professionalism: we are always promoting the professional development of our employees.
  • Ethics: we behave in an honestly and transparent manner in our relationships with our customers.
  • Commitment to our Client Success: we contribute with the interests and expectations of our customers.
  • Business Leadership: we set the way to follow in the graphic sector.
  • Change capacity: we effectively incorporate the changes required to follow the trends in the graphic sector.
  • Social responsibility: we are protagonists in the environment caring and social environment solidarity.

Our organization is member of a group of companies composed by:


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